Welcome to Syntax Affinity®

Affinity is a software platform that allows users to explore and screen securities, exchange-traded funds, and custom portfolios by standardizing the business models of the underlying companies.

Screen Universes

Affinity screener tool

The Affinity Screener allows analysts to identify and rank companies involved in specific economic activities based on their underlying product lines.

By classifying companies at the product line level, Affinity allows identify business risks that are obscured by business-level classifications.

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Build Your Own Universe

The full version of Affinity provide access to all 1,500 of our business group and enables you to combining groups and thresholds to create your own screen.

Search Securities

Affinity Search Securities tool

Affinity enables user explore individual companies or ETFs. Analyst can drill down into product line exposures across the family of affinity lenses. Company pages and ETF pages also support viewing geographic revenue segmentation at the company level aggregated.

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Company and ETF Research

Explore 1,500 lenses across five unique categories: Sector, Macro Thematics, Micro Thematics, Impact, and Business Model

Analyze Portfolios

Affinity Portfolios tool

Analysts can upload and explore their own holdings into Affinity. The Affinity platform will deconstruct the portfolio holding to their product line exposure and enable an analyst to see areas of concentration though our 40+ lenses and 1,500 risk groups. Portfolios can then be compared against ETFs, Affinity benchmarks, or any of the analyst’s other uploaded portfolios.

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