Syntax offers a full array of advanced index solutions

About Our Indices

Syntax Indices operates one of the most sophisticated index development platforms available today. Backed by top level investment know-how and Syntax’s proprietary technologies, Syntax Indices is able to create indices that precisely match investment objectives.

Our Indices
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Sector Indices

Syntax’s suite of over 600 sector-based indices tracks market performance using groups from its proprietary FIS classification system that range from broad top-level sectors to granular business segments and activities within a sub-industry.

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Benchmark Indices

Syntax has developed its own proprietary set of up-to-date Benchmark Indices that mirror the performance of the commonly used benchmarks.

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Stratified Weight Indices

Syntax's proprietary Stratified Weight Indices unravel the inefficiencies embedded in capitalization weighted indices to present an optimal solution for balancing risk and reward.

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Thematic Indices

Using proprietary Affinity analytics, Syntax develops Thematic Indices that capture emerging and evolving market trends with pinpoint accuracy in a timely fashion.

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Custom Indices

Syntax works with a range of clients, including ETF issuers, institutions, and family offices to develop Custom Indices that precisely fit their needs.

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ESG Indices

Syntax uses a vast array of data and proprietary data sets to develop a growing range of ESG, SRI, and SDG Indices that reflect prevailing responsible investment goals.

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Tax Efficient Indices

Syntax uses proprietary tax loss harvesting algorithms to create Tax Efficient Indices without compromising overall performance objectives.

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All Indices

Stratified Weight Indices use Syntax's unique classification approach to target more effective diversification. By reweighting major benchmark indices to spread weight more equally across business risk exposures, Stratified Weight Indices seek to provide a more diversified measure of equity markets.

Syntax Indices works with a range of clients in the custom index space, helping them exploit high value data sets, leverage broad distribution capabilities, and implement targeted investment objectives. Syntax’s development team has long-term experience in index creation, having developed indices that serve as the underlying for financial products holding over $20 billion.

Syntax’s proprietary FIS technology enables developers to classify stocks across multiple characteristics with speed and accuracy, facilitating a seamless and rapid development process.

Syntax’s index methodologies conform to the regulatory guidelines that govern the issuance of financial products in both the US and Europe. Importantly, Syntax’ back-tests are precise and entirely transparent.

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Syntax employs proprietary ESG business involvement data derived from regulatory filings as well as supplemental data sourced from multiple third-party providers. This wealth of data, covering nearly 10,000 public companies worldwide facilitates both negative and positive screening protocols as well as ESG scoring and rating.

Syntax’s data management and index development teams are experienced in creating best in breed ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Indices as well as indices based on SRI (Socially Responsible Investing) and SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) principles.

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Syntax can develop and calculate custom tax-advantaged indices designed to minimize tax impact without materially altering performance characteristics.

Syntax applies a consistent tax loss harvesting methodology to minimize both short- and long-term capital gains. Using proprietary FIS technology, Syntax developers are able to identify replacement stocks with a high degree of accuracy based on both companies’ unique revenue streams and a range of quantitative measures.

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