Syntax Appointed Data Provider for the Underlying Index of the L&G Metaverse ESG Exclusions UCITS ETF

The Syntax Metaverse Ecosystem Universe includes global equities exhibiting business exposures related to the metaverse, a network of 3D virtual or augmented realities. Segments include companies that are engaged in 3D Application Development and AR/VR, 5G Enabling Technology, Payment and Asset Services, High-Performance Compute and Data, Internet of Things, Social Media and Gaming. 
The Syntax Metaverse Ecosystem Universe was developed under Syntax’s proprietary Functional Information System (FIS), which supports a classification database for companies from categories such as the above by quantifying exposure to those categories based on revenue earned or disclosed substantial investments in those categories. 
“Our goal is to provide the investment community exposure to companies making a material impact in rapidly growing themes like the Metaverse ecosystem,” said Patrick Shaddow, President of Syntax Indices. “Syntax’s FIS company classification database features over 30 unique lenses and 30,000 individual product lines for the purposes of researching and constructing pureplay investment products.” 

About Syntax Indices  
Syntax is a financial technology company that brings a unique perspective to investment management. The world has changed over the last 30 years, but major industry classification frameworks have not. Syntax’s Affinity™ data has reinvented modern industry classification. Drawing on proprietary methodologies derived from the biotech industry, Syntax defines the DNA of companies and investment portfolios with pinpoint clarity. Recognized classification systems assign a company to a segment, while Affinity™ data uses a rules-based, multi-attribute system to assign an attribute to a company. Through its data and indices, Syntax empowers investors to help them meet their investment objectives with precision and accuracy. For more information, visit 
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