LOGICLY and Syntax Indices Announce Strategic Partnership

“At LOGICLY, we are innovators and disruptors, and look to partner with firms that share this mindset. Syntax Indices shares this perspective and we’re excited to partner with the Syntax team to bring thematic investing to financial advisors and the clients they serve,” said Emil Tarazi, CEO and Co-Founder of LOGICLY. “With Syntax, we are developing ground-breaking technology, including a Theme Score that guides advisors in choosing investments for clients that align with each client’s personal values and, at the same time, address Reg BI compliance requirements. By empowering our wealth management clients with better data and analytics, they can do better for their clients across generations. And empowering and inspiring confident outcomes is what drives us.” 
“Syntax is driven by a collective vision to bring clarity to the complex data landscape of wealth management. We’re thrilled to partner with LOGICLY, as they share our pioneering spirit in building technology that powers tomorrow’s wealth management tools,” said Patrick Shaddow, President of Syntax Indices. “Combining Syntax’s proprietary thematics lineup with LOGICLY’s impressive portfolio building and management tech, advisors and their clients will have access to more than 30 unique themes covering more than 1,400 business groups. With the Theme Score and access to thematic investing strategies through LOGICLY, advisors can build longer-lasting, more profitable client relationships.”  
LOGICLY is a platform for financial advisors in the United States, Canada, and other global markets who adhere to fiduciary standards and compliance requirements such as Regulation Best Interest (Reg BI) or CFR (Client-Focused Reforms). The company's flagship solution, Portfolio Coach, is the only technology available today that directly ties an investor’s investment policy statement to portfolio outcomes, allowing advisors to better assess and monitor individual accounts. Portfolio Coach also helps minimize fees by offering greater insight into the myriad of costs associated with owning ETFs. With LOGICLY, advisors can access tools to track and customize model portfolios for asset allocation, cost, risk, income or environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations. 

Syntax provides the investment management industry with unique data and analytics insights that drive investment decision-making. The company’s Affinity™ platform streamlines complex data analysis into actionable information. Through Syntax’s proprietary sector classification process, the wealth management industry can access over 11,000 companies, 30,000 unique product lines, 30 themes and more than 1,400 business groups to bolster analysis of investment choices that align with a client’s values. Syntax’s thematics lineup includes Raw Materials, Future of Technology, Supply Chain Exposure, Revenue Model, and ESG Business Involvement and cover groups like Oil & Gas, Cybersecurity, Consumer Goods, Franchise Model, and Clean Energy, among many others. 
LOGICLY is a U.S.-based fintech company and leading investment research, analytics, and portfolio management tools and solutions to the financial advisor community, RIAs, Broker Dealers, Asset Managers, Financial Institutions, ETF Issuers, Compliance Teams, and Hedge Funds. LOGICLY delivers global ETF and fund data across a complete universe of funds, giving advisors a competitive advantage with powerful, institutional-grade technology that streamlines research and analytics, and automates portfolio management. LOGICLY also offers financial institutions via API, iFrame, widgets, or custom development a way to deliver self-directed solutions focused on ETFs, mutual funds, and individual stocks to a retail client base. Headquartered in New York, LOGICLY serves a diverse and international client base. For more information about LOGICLY, visit our website at https://logicly.finance/. Follow LOGICLY on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Syntax Indices 

Syntax is a financial technology company that brings a unique perspective to investment management. The world has changed over the last 30 years, but major industry classification frameworks have not. Syntax’s Affinity™ data has reinvented modern industry classification. Drawing on proprietary methodologies derived from the biotech industry, Syntax defines the DNA of companies and investment portfolios with pinpoint clarity. Recognized classification systems assign a company to a segment, while Affinity™ data uses a rules based, multi attribution system to assign an attribute to a company.Through its data and indices, Syntax empowers investors to help them meet their investment objectives with precision and accuracy. For more information, visit https://www.syntaxindices.com/. Follow Syntax on LinkedIn and Twitter.