Syntax delivers index universes for Healthcare Innovations and Technology Revolution strategies on SmartTrust® UIT platform

NEW YORK, May 8, 2023 /Business Wire/ -- Syntax (, a leading provider of innovative financial data and technologies, announced today that it has been selected as the index data partner by Hennion & Walsh for the Healthcare Innovations II, Series 1 and Technology Revolution Trust II, Series 1 strategies on its SmartTrust® UIT platform. These two strategies are among the suite of innovative, theme-based solutions that Hennion & Walsh offers financial advisors to help achieve the investment objectives of their clients. 
"The value of Syntax as an index provider was immediately apparent to us due to the depth of the team creating the indices and the technology they employ," said Kevin Mahn, Chief Investment Officer of SmartTrust®. 
Syntax has pioneered systems economics and a revolutionary framework and technology, FIS® (Functional Information System), to map companies through two perspectives – the activities it engages in to produce a product or service and the resources needed to perform these activities. This approach enables a deep understanding of a company and its business characteristics and risks, as well as the ability to compare against other companies that share similar characteristics and risks. 
“At Syntax, by leveraging our FIS technology, we provide data that is unmatched in its granularity and accuracy," said Patrick Shaddow, President and CEO. “Our data enables partners, like SmartTrust®, to develop and manage quality products that deliver value and align with different investment goals.” 
"SmartTrust® continues to work with partners, such as Syntax, that complement our unique approach to UIT creation and development, which focuses on timely, innovative, and impactful portfolio strategies,” said SmartTrust® COO, Matthew Wolcott. 

About Syntax 
 Syntax is a financial data and technology company that has pioneered a proprietary approach to index construction, portfolio analysis, ESG and SDG measurement and other investment applications. Its patented Functional Information System (FIS®) platform goes beyond traditional sector and industry classification by using a systems approach to organize public and private companies. Clients can understand a company’s business characteristics and product lines to evaluate its risk and reward profile with pinpoint accuracy through Syntax’s FIS-based Affinity® platform. Syntax’s mission is to power economic analysis using systems processing and enable investors to make better decisions. Learn more at
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