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About Syntax

Syntax is an index provider and financial analytics company that has developed a family of Stratified Indices, which give investors rules-based, diversified exposure to business risks. Our mission is to build innovative, transparent financial products and technologies that meet the investment objectives of a broad range of institutional and retail clients.

Our flagship indices, the Stratified Benchmark Indices, reweight the constituents of widely-used benchmarks, including the S&P 500, MSCI EAFE and Wilshire 5000 using Syntax’s Stratified Weight™ methodology. In addition to the Stratified Benchmark Indices, we provide Stratified Sector and Stratified Thematic indices, custom index solutions and data licensing services.

We also offer investment decision support tools, including portfolio risk analysis software and a business risk taxonomy backed by a database of over 6,000 global public companies. These tools are designed to support the investment decision-making of asset managers and institutional investors.

All Syntax products were developed in conjunction with a patented information system for classifying and organizing business, financial and economic activity called the Functional Information System (FIS) built by our sister company, the economic data analysis firm Locus Analytics. FIS provides the technology used to identify business risk in a portfolio. For more information, please visit Locus Analytics.

Andrei Senyuk Senior Vice President, Index Development
Andrei Senyuk
Senior Vice President, Index Development
Andrei is responsible for the development of indexes across all asset classes. Prior to joining Syntax, Andrei was the head of product development at Alerian S-Network Global Indexes where he was responsible for the development and maintenance of proprietary and custom indexes including thematic, income, smart-beta and ESG covering multiple asset classes and serving as benchmarks or the underlying for ETFs, UITs, SMAs, mutual funds and structured products. Andrei graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance and Management Information Systems.
Anthony Fuller Human Resources Business Partner
Anthony Fuller
Human Resources Business Partner
Among Anthony's responsibilities as a member of the Human Resources team are the planning, management, and execution of cross-functional projects as well as building and maintaining professional relationships with the organization's leadership, employees, and vendors. Additionally, Anthony has the opportunity to participate in recruitment and hiring processes as well as research policies and procedures related to Syntax's business and work culture. Anthony holds a Bachelor of Science in Business from The Pennsylvania State University.
Ashley Liu Analyst
Ashley Liu
Ashley joined the Syntax team in the fall of 2022 as an Analyst to work on classification research and development. Ashley graduated from University of California San Diego in June 2022 with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a minor in Psychology.
Ben Block Principal Software Engineer
Ben Block
Principal Software Engineer
Ben is a principal software engineer specializing in full-stack development. He has over nine years of professional experience with Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, SQL databases, and other technologies. Ben works in a variety of problem spaces at Syntax: entity resolution for company data, ETL pipeline design, and architecture for classification research applications. Ben graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA, while also receiving a second degree in Art History and a minor in Classics.
Carlota Caso Sales & Marketing Coordinator
Carlota Caso
Sales & Marketing Coordinator
Carlota recently joined Syntax as a Sales & Marketing Coordinator after having graduated from the combined international excel program with Columbia University and Tecnólogico de Monterrey in Mexico City where she studied Business Strategy and Transformation. Her focus lies in reinforcing the brand and finding innovative ways to intersect sales strategies to market Syntax products in a disruptive and dynamic approach.
Chia Ching (Jessie) Lin Principal Software Engineer
Chia Ching (Jessie) Lin
Principal Software Engineer
Jessie is a principal software engineer at Syntax who works on the development of Syntax financial products. As part of the engineering team, she oversees the engineering process to develop Syntax financial products and provides technical insight into how to solve problems. Her team built Syntax financial products based on Syntax's FIS data and technology that enabled investors to gain a deeper understanding of companies' businesses and risk characteristics. She graduated from University of Washington with a Master's degree in Information Management.
Chris Thomas Senior Software Engineer
Chris Thomas
Senior Software Engineer
Chris, a senior software engineer, excels in software architecture. Known for tackling complex engineering challenges, he devises efficient and robust solutions that enhance productivity at Syntax. His focus is on elevating engineering standards, mentoring fellow engineers, and developing foundational systems for Syntax's products. Chris holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Montana State University and is pursuing an M.S. in Computer Science at the University of Washington, specializing in distributed computing and programming languages.
Curt Meyer Managing Director — Sales & Marketing
Curt Meyer
Managing Director — Sales & Marketing
Curt is the Managing Director, Sales and Marketing, for Syntax LLC. Over a 25-year career in asset management, Curt has successfully developed National Accounts and Strategic Relationships across Institutional Level platforms including Mutual Fund, ETF, UMA, SMA, and Institutional Insurance Channels. He has been instrumental in the business development of over $6 Billion of assets across the collective industry. Curt is also the Founder and Managing Partner of Truscott Partners, LLC which is active in philanthropy and private investments. An avid tennis player, he currently serves on the Advisory Board of The International Tennis Hall of Fame’s youth development program. Curt has a BS degree from Northeastern University and is a Series 65, 7, 63 license holder.
Daniel Goldman General Counsel
Daniel Goldman
General Counsel
Daniel leads legal and strategic initiatives for Syntax and advises on partnerships, joint ventures, corporate development, licensing, and intellectual property. He has served as general counsel to a venture capital firm and a registered investment advisor. He previously worked as counsel to a multi-strategy fund; in business development for IIX, a financing platform backed by the Asian Development Bank and the Rockefeller Foundation; and for the World Bank on corporate governance matters. Prior to that, he worked in portfolio development for Balfour Venture Partners, a venture capital firm, and in securities regulation for the New York Stock Exchange. Daniel holds a B.A. from Columbia, where he was a John Jay National Scholar; a J.D. from Georgetown; and an M.B.A. from Yale, where he was a winner of the Yale Law and Business Society Entrepreneurship Challenge. He has presented research on data analytics at the University of Cambridge, South by Southwest, and the World Bank. He holds nine U.S. patents in financial technology and data analytics, and is the author of a book chapter on economic and technology policy in the Middle East. He serves on the boards of a Latin American financial technology startup, an African startup accelerator, and an alumni nonprofit group. He is a member of the New York State Bar and a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst. He is a member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies and serves on the Bretton Woods Committee.
Ellison Kandler CFA and Syntax Associate
Ellison Kandler, CFA
Senior Vice President, Head of Equity Solutions
Ellison manages index creation and maintenance for Syntax Indices, with a specialization in real assets, energy, raw materials, and infrastructure. He also works on developing the Locus Functional Information System and its relevant applications. Ellison graduated from Brown University with a concentration in Chemical Engineering and Economics and is a CFA® charterholder.
Federica von Erb Head of People Operations
Federica von Erb
Chief Human Resources Officer
Federica is responsible for all things People and Culture at Syntax, leading the company's Human Resources department. Beyond managing HR throughout the employee lifecycle, her work also includes overseeing the company's DEI initiatives, coaching employees, and working with leadership to develop strategic initiatives. She is passionate about growing and developing employees, maintaining an inclusive and welcoming work environment, and ensuring the teams are working in alignment with the company's mission, vision, and values. Federica began as a hiring manager for Syntax's sister company, Locus Analytics, and has since overseen HR functions across both companies. Prior to joining Locus and Syntax, Federica worked in Media & Entertainment, but decided finance was a far more entertaining field.
Forrest Henry Software Engineer
Forrest Henry
Mid Level Software Engineer
Forrest is a full-stack developer at Syntax Data. He graduated from Western Washington University with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science. Forrest has contributed to multiple projects since he joined the team in 2020, and has helped build out complex features and systems there. In his free time, Forrest loves riding his bike and playing video games.
Hazim Al-Eryani VP, Private Company Database
Hazim Al-Eryani
VP, Private Market Data Solutions
Hazim oversees Syntax’s private market data solutions. He manages Syntax’s private markets database, and builds client applications that leverage Syntax’s Functional Information System (FIS). He previously worked with Locus Analytics - acquired by Syntax - where he spearheaded global data acquisition, developed methodologies for the application of FIS to macro-economics, and built FIS applications for private companies. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Boston University with a degree in International Relations and a concentration in Sustainable Development. He received a Master’s degree from the Fletcher School at Tufts University with a concentration in International Business Relations and Development Economics.
Henry Marshall Analyst
Henry Marshall
Senior Analyst
Henry joined Syntax in the summer of 2021 as a member of the Index team to work on classification research and development. Henry graduated from Colgate University where he played on the Men’s Hockey Team and majored in Economics and minored in Art & Art History and Political Science.
Irene Leong Senior Project Manager
Irene Leong
Senior Project Manager
Irene is a Senior Project Manager on the engineering team and is responsible for aligning project goals with organizational objectives, coordinating cross-functional teams, and delivering results of Syntax financial products. She has over 7 years of experience in program and project management, having previously worked at Amazon and Cloudera. Irene graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Washington.
Jake Goldstein Analyst
Jake Goldstein
Jake joined Syntax's index team in 2022 as an analyst to work on classification research and development. Prior to joining Syntax, he graduated from New York University with a degree in English with High Honors and worked at Woodridge Growth, a marketing agency in New York City.
Jeremiah Stowe Software Engineer
Jeremiah Stowe
Mid Level Software Engineer
Jeremiah is a software engineer specializing in full stack development with a strong background in computer science and two years of experience in development and six years IT consulting. Jeremiah has successfully built scalable and efficient solutions for complex technical challenges. He is well-versed in various programming languages and frameworks, such as C++, Java, Python, and Ruby on Rails. In his spare time, he volunteers for a local search and rescue team as well as spending time hiking and backpacking. Jeremiah received his B.S. in Computer Science with a minor in mathematics from the University of Washington.
Jonathan Chandler CFA and Syntax Vice President
Jonathan Chandler, CFA
Chief Operating Officer
Jonathan is responsible for managing operations at Syntax, overseeing the process of applying FIS attributes to populations of securities and effectively stratifying them. Jonathan’s work also includes research and analysis of Syntax’s existing suite of indices, the development and launch of new indices, and the creation of data analytics tools. Prior to Syntax, Jonathan worked at Locus Analytics, where he was a core contributor to the Locus economic model that underpins the Syntax strategy. Jonathan received his B.A. in Mathematics and Economics from the University of Chicago and is a CFA® charterholder.
Jordan Johnson Senior Vice President, Technology
Jordan Johnson
Senior Vice President, Technology
Jordan manages the Software Engineering department and is responsible for driving technical solutions at Syntax. He has over 10 years of experience in full stack web development and has designed much of the underlying software architecture at the company. Prior to Syntax, he was an AI researcher for a lead engagement service where he developed the core learning systems for a virtual sales assistant. Jordan graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Western Washington University.
Joseph Megill CFA and Syntax Associate
Joseph Megill, CFA
Senior Vice President, Index Production
Joe oversees the operations of Syntax’s indices as well as the refinement of Syntax's stratification strategy. He works on creating new indices and combining Syntax's FIS based stratification and with other risk factors. Joe graduated from the University of Maryland cum laude with degrees in Finance and Accounting and is a CFA® charterholder.
Kathy Chiu Mid Level Software Engineer
Kathy Chiu
Mid Level Software Engineer
Kathy is a mid level software developer and has been working with Syntax since the summer of 2019. She has tackled various frontend and backend features, with Ruby on Rails, StimulusJs, and various JS charting libraries. Kathy received her B.S. in Informatics from the University of Washington.
Kelly Tom Index Operations Coordinator
Kelly Tom
Index Operations Coordinator
Kelly joined Syntax as an Index Operations Coordinator in the fall of 2023 to work on facilitating the processes around data quality checks, web page and profile maintenance, and more. Prior to joining Syntax, she worked in the market intelligence space, where she overlooked data operations with a specialty in private investment and M&A data. Kelly graduated from Binghamton University with a B.A. in Economics and a Studio Minor in Graphic Design.
Lea Mayer Associate, ESG
Lea Mayer
Associate, ESG
Lea Mayer is a Venezuelan native and has a background in integrating ESG within the investment process, alongside climate resilience and policy development. Lea is interested in financing equitable development through sustainable investments and helping to distill complex ESG frameworks into simply understood topics. Outside of her career, Lea is passionate about environmental conservation education and enjoys free diving, hiking, and traveling. Lea graduated with a bachelors degree in Political Science and Sustainability Studies from the University of Florida, in 2019.
Mandy Wu  Junior UX Designer
Mandy Wu
Junior UX Designer
Mandy joined Syntax as a Junior UX Designer and is responsible for the Classification app. She is committed to crafting designs that transform user needs into intuitive digital experiences. Mandy graduated from University of California, San Diego with a Bachelor of Science in Cognitive Science specializing in Design and Interaction.
Michaela Noetzel Syntax Analyst
Michaela Noetzel
VP, Equity Solutions
Michaela joined Syntax in the summer of 2018. As part of the Indices team, Michaela helps research and create new indices stratified by functionally defined risk groups. Michaela graduated from Georgetown University with a Bachelor of Arts in Regional Studies, focusing on the Andean region of Latin America.
Nicholas Handelman  Index Production Analyst
Nicholas Handelman
Index Production Analyst
Nick joined Syntax in 2023 as an Index Production Analyst, a role that includes implementing and maintaining Syntax Indices’ production environment. Prior to joining Syntax, Nick was a quantitative analyst at Pinz Capital Management and a software developer at CSpire Wireless Communications. He graduated from Stony Brook University with an M.S. in Applied Mathematics and Millsaps College with a B.S. in Computer Science. Outside of work, Nick enjoys spending time with his family, working on personal projects, and playing strategy games.
Patrick Shaddow President
Patrick Shaddow
President & CEO
Patrick Shaddow joined Syntax Indices in September of 2021. His responsibilities include all aspects of strategy, index development and production. Patrick has over 15 years of experience in financial services. Prior to joining Syntax, Patrick worked for S-Network Global Indexes Inc. starting in 2007, where he worked his way up to Head of Index Operations. In this capacity, Patrick oversaw the development and daily production of over 350 indexes, including 100 indexes licensed as the basis for financial products holding more than $16 billion. Patrick was responsible for every facet of the index business and the management of all personnel involved with the creation, production, and maintenance of the firm’s indices. Patrick oversaw and developed hundreds of indices which span multiple asset classes including thematic, ESG, energy, income and smart beta and serve as the underlying indices for UITs, ETFs, 40-act mutual funds, SMAs, and structured products. Patrick currently serves on the index committee for Syntax Indices, and for the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB). Prior to joining S-Network, Patrick worked as a Research Analyst for Dow Jones Indexes, where he was a member of the custom index quarterly review. Patrick earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance with a concentration in Management Information Systems from Rutgers University School of Business.
Paul Kenney Senior Vice President, Product Development & Client Solutions
Paul Kenney
Senior Vice President, Client Solutions
Paul Kenney, CFA is the Senior Vice President of Client Solutions. Prior to joining Syntax, Paul was a Partner at NEPC where he consulted to institutional investors and held leadership positions including overseeing NEPC’s Detroit office and serving as the Practice Team Leader for both the Corporate Defined Benefit and Healthcare teams. Paul’s experience also includes his role at Ford Motor Company where his responsibilities included overseeing the company’s $37 billion defined benefit plan and a $15 billion operating portfolio.
Perla Zamora Engineering Manager
Perla Zamora
Engineering Manager
Perla is the Engineering Manager of Syntax Data. She is responsible for managing engineering projects at every stage (Software development process). She ensures that the projects are completed efficiently, correctly, and on schedule; assigning the right resources to the right work. Perla's work also includes overseeing and managing Syntax’s classifying software product (FIS repository), and working with leadership and stakeholders to determine project goals and objectives. She is passionate about empowering people. Prior to joining Syntax, Perla worked 13 years in Tech as an individual contributor, but decided management was a far more satisfying career. She graduated from the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara with a B.S. in Computer Science. She received a Master's degree in Technology Systems.
Phillip Byrd Mid Level Software Engineer
Phillip Byrd
Mid Level Software Engineer
Phillip leverages nearly 6 years of expertise as a full-stack developer and infrastructure engineer, whose professional journey includes significant stints in Charleston, and Los Angeles before finding a home with Syntax in Seattle. Phillip is a proud holder of a BA in Computer Information Systems from the College of Charleston and a BS in Political Science from Auburn University, a distinctive combination that shapes his unique problem-solving approach. Phillip is dedicated to continuous learning and delivering excellence, specializing in Ruby on Rails, Docker & Kubernetes for seamless deployments, and a passion for crafting scalable infrastructures and services on various cloud systems. Beyond his technical focus, Phillip unwinds through skiing adventures and enjoys the delightful company of his two French Bulldogs. Phillip is now and always will be a fervent enthusiast of fantasy fiction and tabletop gaming.
Reaz Rahman Analyst, Index Production
Reaz Rahman
Analyst, Index Production
Reaz Tahmidur Rahman is a recent graduate from Baruch. He majored in Computer Information Systems and minored in Philosophy (Linguistics & Ethics). He speaks three languages and is currently learning Japanese. He is motivated by and a proponent of ethical investing. He spends his free time playing soccer, building and tinkering with computers, and learning new things.
Rong Li Data Scientist Engineer
Rong Li
Data Scientist Engineer
Rong works in a hybrid role of Data Scientist and Software Engineer with a versatile skill set that spans data analytics, programming, and specialized expertise in index development and portfolio analysis. With a profound understanding of statistical analysis and machine learning, she has a passion for transforming raw data into actionable insights. She is proficient in various programming languages such as Python, Ruby on Rails, and SQL. For financial analytics, Rong is responsible for designing indices and providing comprehensive portfolio assessments. Rong received her Ph. D in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the National University of Singapore.
Rory Riggs Syntax CEO and Founder
Rory Riggs
Founder and Executive Chairman
Rory Riggs is the Executive Chairman and Founder of Syntax. Rory’s idea for Syntax Stratified Indices came from his career in healthcare and the industry’s statistical use of population sampling and stratification across sub-populations to control for inadvertent biases in clinical trial results. To address the potential of similar biases in index results, he and his team identified a new risk category called related business risks, developed a new classification system with which to identify and group related business risk, and implemented the Stratified Weight methodology to control for the inadvertent over-weighting of related business risks that regularly occur in capitalization-weight and equal-weight methodologies. Prior to founding Syntax and its sister company, Locus Analytics, Rory has been involved in the creation and development of many successful companies in healthcare and biotechnology. These companies include: Royalty Pharma; Fibrogen, Inc.; Cibus, LLC; GeneNews Ltd., Sugen, Inc. and eReceivables Inc. He is currently the chairman and co-founder of Royalty Pharma, the largest investor in revenue-producing intellectual property, principally royalty interests in marketed and late-stage development biopharmaceutical products. In addition, Rory is CEO and Co-founder of Cibus, the leader in non-transgenic (non-GMO) gene editing in agriculture. He also served as the president and director of Biomatrix Corporation (NYSE: BXM) where he launched Synvisc, an important product in the treatment of osteoarthritis. Rory received a BA from Middlebury College and an MBA from Columbia University.
Runsha Long Mid Level Software Engineer
Runsha Long
Mid Level Software Engineer
Runsha is a full stack software engineer working on the Classification app. He has worked on various automation workflows interacting with financial documents. He is proficient in web frameworks like Ruby on Rails and Java Spring. Runsha is interested in machine learning as a hobby, and in his spare time he enjoys playing chess and learning to play the guitar. Runsha received his M.S. in Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.
Sai Badduri Project Coordinator
Sai Badduri
Project Coordinator
Sai is a project coordinator for Syntax’s private markets team and is responsible for data quality control. He believes diversity and inclusion are essential foundations to successful product development and is passionate about looking at private companies through the FIS lens. Sai graduated from the University of Denver with a master’s degree in Material Sciences. He is passionate about business storytelling, design thinking, and leadership. Outside of work Sai enjoys hiking, baking, and improv comedy.
Samantha Neilson  Qualitative Equity Research Analyst
Samantha Neilson
Qualitative Equity Research Analyst
Samantha is a qualitative equity research analyst on the classification team. She is a 2023 graduate of Kenyon College where she majored in Economics and English. Prior to joining Syntax, Samantha interned in the asset management and investor relations space. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, reading, traveling, and yoga.
Sarah Grieco Senior Sales Manager
Sarah Grieco
VP, Sales
Sarah is the Senior Sales Manager of Syntax Indices. Previously, Sarah served as the Senior Sales Associate of Alerian and S-Network Global Indexes. Sarah is responsible for managing client relationships, identifying new business opportunities, and executing various client support initiatives and marketing requests in her current role. Her expertise covers the general indexing landscape, index construction, and distribution planning and oversight. Sarah holds an MFA in Communication Arts from the New York Institute of Technology.
Sean Sandys Chief Innovation Officer
Sean Sandys
Chief Innovation Officer
Sean David Sandys is a technology industry veteran with 20 years of experience in product development across various roles, including technical architect, principal software engineer, product manager, and business development in organizations ranging from startups to public companies such as IBM and Microsoft. Sean holds a B.A. in Computer Science and Astrophysics from Williams College and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Washington. Sean Sandys is a seasoned professional in the technology sector with a diverse and extensive background. Starting his career in 1994 as a Research Intern at IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, Sandys has held various roles across different organizations. In 1997, he joined Safeware Engineering Corporation as a Member of Technical Staff, and in 2003, he moved to Microsoft, where he served as a Program Manager. By 2007, Sandys became a Software Engineer at batiq.com, and in 2008, he transitioned to a Partner role at Tyemill.Sandys completed his high school education at Stuyvesant H.S. in 1990, followed by a BA in Computer Science and Astrophysics from Williams College in 1994. He furthered his education by obtaining a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Washington in 2002. In addition to his professional roles, Sandys has contributed to the field of technology through his inventions and patents. He has filed for patents protecting various inventions, including an algorithmic method for dynamically computing complex relationships among objects of an underlying functional system and systems and methods using a logical data model for aggregating data and analyzing economic information. Currently, Sean Sandys holds the position of Chief Innovation Officer at Syntax Data, where he continues to leverage his extensive experience in software and technology innovation.
Sheri Bates Senior User Experience Designer
Sheri Bates
Senior User Experience Designer
Sheri joined the Syntax team in 2023 as the Senior UX Designer, working on the creation and maintenance of the design systems for Syntax's flagship products. She began her career in early 2008 as a Graphic & Web Designer for a small company in St. Petersburg, Florida, and over the past 16 years she has strengthened her experience in several branches of design including motion, video, interaction, marketing, and print. Outside of work, Sheri is passionate about the history and future of digital design and technology, and she is often browsing insights and guidance from the design community, or exploring promising new design technologies.
Shirley Liao Index Operations Analyst
Shirley Liao
Index Operations Analyst
Shirley joined the Index Operations team at Syntax in February 2023, leveraging her academic achievements as a graduate of the University of Notre Dame with a Master of Science in Business Analytics for her role as an Index Operations Analyst. Specializing in data analytics, she helps foster collaboration between various teams within Syntax. Shirley is passionate about enhancing efficiency and streamlining workflows, regularly developing Python programs to automate manual processes.
Taimur Mian Analyst
Taimur Mian
Taimur joined the Syntax team in 2022 as an Analyst to work on classification research and development. Prior to joining Syntax, he graduated from Colgate University with a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematical Economics and Philosophy and worked at Kenway Consulting in Chicago.
Zach Hall Senior Vice President of IT Services
Zach Hall
Senior Vice President, IT Services
Zach is the head of IT and Infrastructure for Syntax. He brings 10 years of software development, devops, infrastructure and IT experience. Zach has designed, developed and architected cloud apps and services for many of Syntax’s internal and external services. Zach brings extensive experience in security and compliance to provide cutting edge security solutions to Syntax products. Whether at work or at home Zach loves tinkering with computers and networks, operating his own home lab. In his free time Zach enjoys sci-fi and fantasy books, movies, and video and tabletop games. Zach received his B.S. in Informatics from the University of Washington.
Zack Truelson Senior Vice President, Index Operations
Zack Truelson
Senior Vice President, Index Operations
Zack is responsible for designing procedures and documentation around index methodologies, data dissemination and statistical reporting. He also manages data vendors and training related to the indices. Zack has worked in the indexing industry since 2015; his previous role was Director of Index Analytics at Alerian S-Network Global Indexes. He holds an MBA from Western Governors University and graduated magna cum laude with a BA from Augustana University, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Art.